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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At Swedish Bitters Herb Company. we regard the personal lives of our customers as sacrosanct, so when someone asks us a question or places an order -- whether on the internet, by phone, fax, mail -- it is treated as confidential correspondence.

Information on web visitors who come to our site is treated in the same way.

To this end we maintain the following rigid procedures:

With the exception of the required use by our eCommerce software, no Cookies are being used on our sites. Despite the widespread, popular use of these "web visitor data collection" mechanisms, Swedish Bitters Herb Company refuses to use them. To obtain information on a customer, or tract their web habits, without their express permission, is a violation of our customer's trust. If we have information about you on our files, it is because you volunteered this information -- and even then, only in conjunction with your business with us.

No "Third Party" Sales. Web merchants often sell "information" on their site's web visitors or customers to other people. Some people don't mind having private information sold to other parties. But most abhor it. Never in our company's history (since we started in 1989) have we sold, or attempted to sell, our customers' information, any of it, to any other party. The money which web merchants make in profiteering from the peddling in their customer's information does not, in our humble opinion, compensate for the violation of trust that occurs between that merchant and their customer. If our company cannot generate its own leads, maintain the loyalty of its own existing customers, and constantly generate new interest by the public, we are not fit to be business.

Secure Maintenance of Customer Records. As a service to our 200,000+ mail order customers of record, a number that is constantly growing, we maintain, in addition to names and mailing addresses, credit card information. Any hard copy credit card information, once committed to database files, is destroyed. The computer that handles this sensitive information is decoupled from our network. The computer and any backup tapes are kept locked in a separate locked room in our administrative offices.

In our entire history there has never been a report of a misappropriated credit card number . We pride ourselves in keeping any and all information regarding our web visitors and our customers confidential. And we are proud of the high standard of privacy we maintain on our customers' behalf.

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